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Recommendations Process

Departmental Policy

The Department's policy (copied here after the shutdown of www-ece) and is, naturally, part of this faculty member's policy. I apply the policy to both "Employer" references and "educational enterprise" references (admissions).

Additional Policy Statement

Additionally, it is the policy of this faculty member to make the recommendation a private communication between the faculty member and the entity requesting the reference after the student requests that a reference be submitted. To this end, any form which provides for either the waiving or preserving of a (present or former) student's right to review the reference must filled out as "waived" by the requesting student. This policy is intended to strengthen the quality of the reference which is beneficial (and perhaps vital) to the whole process.


Students seeking recommendations may wish to supply a current resume, a list of courses (and grades/projects), IEEE or other student activities that they wish to suggest the faculty member consider in creating a recommendation.

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Last modified: 20200205