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20210624 Note

The information is preserved for historical purposes. Starting in Fall 2021, we recommend use of the Google Java Code Style with a simpler header at the top of the file given that source control is the accepted approach for tracking changes.

 * Author: {user}
 * Assignment: {project} - EE333 {Semester}
 * Credits: (if any for sections of code)

And now, the original content…

Java Documentation Style

Naming Conventions


White Space


*File: FileName.java
*Author:  Your name, 
*Assignment: Project 2 EE333 Fall 2006
*Vers: 1.0.1 09/01/2006 dgg - fix order of items
*Vers: 1.0.0 09/01/2006 dgg - initial coding
*Credits:  (if any for sections of code)


NetBeans can be configured to help automate the creation of the header file is documented.

Extended Example

For an extended example, see ToDo.java

Last modified: 24 June 2021

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